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Bayer Code : leghy

Scientific name: Legousia hybrida (L.) Delarbre

Synonym(s) of Sc. name: Specularia hybrida (L.) A. DC.

Classification: Campanulaceae, Dicotyledonous

Common name: venus'-looking-glass

Synonym(s) of Common name:

Name per country: DE : Kleiner Frauenspiegel ; ES : espejo de oveja ; FR : spéculaire hybride ; IT : specchio di venere ondulato ; PT : ; EN : venus'-looking-glass ;

Biological type: Annual

Seedling snapshot Seedling:

- Cotyledons spatulate.

- Leaves entire, deeply notched.

Adult plant snapshotAdult plant snapshot Adult plant:

- Height: 10-25 cm.

- Stem erect, very branched near the base, slender, short-haired.

- Leaves hispid, sessile, obovate, markedly crenulate on margins.

- Flowers purple in lax and leafy corymb -like. Few flowers sensitive to atmospheric variations: a high temperature is needed for the flowering.

- Fruit ripe: capsule 20-30 mm long, nearly constricted at the tip. Seeds elliptic circa 105 mm long, red-brown.

- Plant vulnerary and astringent.

- Rare in crops.

- Risk of confusion with Legousia speculum-veneris (L.) Chaix.

- Biological type: Annual.

Mistake with: Legousia speculum-veneris

Ecological profile (click on flags): Germany   Rare     Spain  Present     France  Rare     Great Britain  Rare     Italy  Present     Portugal  Present    

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