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Bayer Code : asear

Scientific name: Asperula arvensis L.

Synonym(s) of Sc. name:

Classification: Rubiaceae, Dicotyledonous

Common name: blue woodruff

Synonym(s) of Common name:

Name per country: DE : Acker-Meier ; ES : rabula ; FR : asperule des champs ; IT : stellina dei campi ; PT : aspérula-odorífera ; EN : blue woodruff ;

Biological type: Annual

Seed snapshot Seed:


Seedling snapshot Seedling:

- Cotyledons elongated spoon shaped.

- Entire leaves, linear, pointed at tip.

Adult plant snapshotAdult plant snapshot Adult plant:

- Height: 10-50 cm.

- Stem 4-angled, stiff erect, branched out. Lower leaves in whorls of 4, leaves arranged in 6 to 8 , obovate to linear, margin and principal vein stiff with small rough hooked hairs, the rest glabrous.

- Flowers blue, surrounded by numerous lanceolate leaves, developed in involucrate terminal heads.

-Leaves covered by hairs before maturity, glabrous and smooth at maturity.

- Plant roots contain red coloured substance. Species rare in crops.

- Biological type: annual.

Ecological profile (click on flags): Germany   Rare     Spain  Present     France  Rare     Italy  Present     Portugal  Present    

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