CSGA, Centre des Sciences du Goût et de l'Alimenation
L. Pénicaud
Advisory board
L. Bretillon, O. Lalouette.
Research groups
Molecular interactions, in-mouth breakdown and flavour perception
E. Guichard  C. Salles 
Flavour perception : perireceptor events an perpetual interactions
L. Briand 
Mechanisms and plasticity of chemosensory perception
J-F. Ferveur 
Sensory Perception, Interactions between Glia and Neurons
Y. Grosjean 
Functional plastcity of olfactory sensory neurons
X. Grosmaitre 
Brain nutrient sensing and energy homeostasis
C. Leloup Amiot 
Plasticity of feeding circuits
A. Benani 
Eye, nutrition and cell signalling
L. Bretillon  C. Creuzot Garcher 
Developpement ethology and cognitive psychology
B. Schaal 
Developpement and dynamic of food preferences and behaviour
S. Issanchou 
Culture, expertise and perception
D. Valentin 
Animalerie expérimentale
A. Mathou 
ChemoSens :
P. Schlich  O. Berdeaux 

Common faclilities
General secretary : O. Lalouette 
Informatic, signal processing
Logistics - Mécanics
Permanent staff : 149
PhD students and post-docs : 33
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